Why not just use THC?

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Some cannabis activists are skeptical of the use of anything other than high THC marijuana when it comes to covid-19 or other conditions.* They ask why any one would use CBD, echinacea, spilanthes, or anything else.

It all depends on a person's goals. If the main goal is to find the most effective treatment, then people need to consider a wide variety of medicines. If several treatments have comparable effectiveness, many people will prefer the treatment with the fewest side effects. And since marijuana is illegal in many places, there can be fewer practical difficulties for other medicines. I personally am a medical marijuana patient and recognize that THC does things that CBD and alkylamides cannot.

  • At this time, we don't have evidence to state that any form of cannabinoid medicine is effective for treating covid-19. There are some promising preliminary studies, there is a theoretical basis for how these might help, but the case for cannabinoid medicines has not been proven. See our Statement on Covid-19 and the CB2 Receptors.