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It's available now from Razer's Store, and will be out before the end of March at other retailers. It also produces more vibrant colours and even lighting, which I can't help but feel has been designed solely with the idea of making sure your PC's RGB lighting bits and bobs can be shown off in all their rainbow-tastic glory without getting lost or blown out on-camera. In contrast to static background and cameras capture setting, outdoor has more dynamic and unrestricted environment with frequent occlusion and high variation in background/foreground objects appearance. Figure 14 shows several outdoor simulations on the standard activities with snow, fog, and occlusion effects (each column). In particular, for the challenging scene in rows 3-4, the target person has relatively casual dress with partial leg occlusion by the top costume The generated 3D pose from our attention model are visually plausible and resemble the user’s body motion very well.

To facilitate real-time performance for potential interactive applications, we also investigate a causal attention based network that estimates the target pose by only processing the current frame and its previous frames. When security researchers piece together the blow-by-blow of a state-sponsored hacking operation, they're usually following a thin trail of malicious code samples, network logs, and connections to faraway servers. Based on the results of our experiment, our network can learn different joint label information. For both cases, our attention model demonstrates a clear advantage by utilizing the temporal information. Thanks to the attention model that successfully extracts temporal information from neighbor frames, the full 3D pose is correctly recovered (Figs. To get a more accurate 3D joints position result, we utilize a fine-tuned model to get the corresponding 2D joints on Human3.6M. The big difference between the pre-trained and fine-tuned models are the 2D human joints estimation accuracy and number of joints. We applied the pre-trained SH, fine-tuned SH, and fine-tuned CPN models (Pavllo et al.

We also applied the results of fine-tuned SH model on the Human3.6M dataset developed by Martinez et al. Similarly, to verify the performance, we implemented three different prototypes according to the number of layers and levels, as shown in Table 10. Horizontally, each row indicates a different prototype of the causal model. The second row of Fig. 11 demonstrates the improvement of our approach on leg movement prediction with optimistic estimate on the two legs relative positions. The second part of the video was shot with a Sony A7r2 mounted on an electronic gimbal whilst we filmed the third part using a DJI Phantom 4 Drone. One of the most complicated jobs is to match clips that have been shot with different cameras, settings or lights. Two of Joorabchian's clients, David Luiz and Cedric Soares, are among those who have joined the club during the past year, while another, Willian, is set to become the next big name to join after the Brazilian completed his medical with the Gunners on Thursday. "There are 1.2bn people in Africa and the average age is 20," says Mr Spencer. In particular, more noticeable improvements are achieved as the number of input frames increases.

Although more devices support a video in 4K I rather export all my videos in 1080p as most of the viewers watch videos on a smartphone. To further demonstrate the temporal consistency, we gather online video sequences from YouTube and predict the 3D poses directly from these videos in the wild. To evaluate the performance on videos in-the-wild, we validated our approach on both public datasets and online videos with the former emphasizing quantitative validation while the later demonstrating qualitative performance. While there exists limited datasets with accurate 3D pose in the wild, we adopt some of the standard activities with outdoor scene simulation to quantitatively evaluate the performance and compare with other approaches. Figure 18 demonstrates the results of this experiment on various activities. To further verify the robustness, different sports activities with novel body poses (rows 3-4, rows 7-8, and rows 11-12) are processed. Note that this is just one selected frame from the walking sequence, which is a common body activity involving the alternate of left and right legs in a repetitive manner. For example, for the dancing scenes (rows 1-2 and rows 9-10) and the skating scene (rows 5-6), given the presence of fast body movement and self-occlusion, the estimations are accurate enough to provide the corresponding 3D positions for each frame.